East Meadow
Serving the Children of the World

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12/12/2017 Meeting
12/15/2017 Event

Food Basket Assembly – WT Clarke H.S. at 6pm.  We have the bags and the food.  We just need you to help assemble the baskets for 125 families.

12/16/2017 Event


Satursday Morning, Food Basket Delivery,  starting at 9am-drivers wanted and needed for the over 117 families we will be feeding that day.  You will be given a map,...

12/19/2017 Meeting
12/26/2017 Meeting
01/02/2018 Meeting
01/09/2018 Meeting
01/16/2018 Meeting
01/23/2018 Meeting
01/30/2018 Meeting
02/06/2018 Meeting
02/13/2018 Meeting
02/20/2018 Meeting
02/27/2018 Meeting
03/06/2018 Meeting